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Tai Chi Chuan – The Supreme Ultimate Fist

Tai chi chuan is the ancient Chinese way to achieving sound health and tranquility. It evolved from physical and breathing exercises in ancient times and had developed a unique style by the end of the Ming dynasty. (AD 1368-1644). The practice is characterized by graceful, slow and rhythmical movements. They are designed to impart powerful physical skills and to stimulate the flow of energy within the body with the ultimate goal of improved mind-body connection. It can be performed in the “empty-hand” forms, weapon forms, pushing-hand forms, fighting forms and free-form sparring.

The ancient teachings of Tai chi are relevant even in today’s day and age. Tai chi heals at a much deeper level as compared to other exercises which help in building only external physical health. Studies have showed that long-term Tai Chi practice promotes balance control, joint flexibility, and general physical fitness as well as reducing the risk of falls in the elderly. Other benefits include improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, and reducing pain, stress and anxiety in healthy individuals. The gentle, low impact movements actually burn more calories than some vigorous exercises.