Benefits of taichi

We have not been able to cope with the changes occurring in our environment and lifestyle due to modernization and globalization. Often, we find ourselves unable to maintain a work life balance in our pursuit to achieve our goals. Thus leading to lower productivity, health disorders & strained relationships

The resultant symptoms are stress, health complications and lack of happiness / confidence and many more.

Thus the practice of Tai Chi can help mitigate these ills as Tai Chi is not just a martial art form or a set of exercises to improve health, it is a way of life.

The ancient teachings of Tai Chi are relevant even in today’s day and age. Tai Chi heals at a much deeper level as compared to other exercises which help in building only external physical health.

For a beginner, Tai Chi may seem like a set of gentle movements that form a routine, encompassing breath control and transfer of body weight from one leg to the other. However, as one progresses the efficacy of regular practice can be felt strongly as Tai Chi facilitates in shaping a sound physical self as well as the mind and spirit.

Several advanced techniques like Chi Kung, Tui Shou (push hands), can be learnt to beat stress, weight management, increase immunity and last but not least practitioners can enhance their combat skills as well. Thus Tai Chi can be practiced by people of all age groups.

Benefits of Tai Chi:
Some of the benefits are listed below:
Increased oxygen intake  utilization
Reduced blood pressure
Control over diabetes
Increased bone density
Increased strength & flexibility of joints
Reduced levels of stress hormones
Improved libido
Improved Immunity
Weight control / reduction

Taichi is also beneficial to people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis and sinus. It also helps the human body delay the physical and mental aging thus revitalizing the body and spirit